The Justice Corner

Justice Call works to create awareness about the importance of the rule of law and human rights in order to empower societies. We firmly believe in the importance of protected civic spaces and promote them by sharing stories of those who defend human rights, justice, and build peace.

Justice Call proudly announces the launching of our “Justice Corner” podcast series, in Arabic. The podcast is our attempt to bridge the gap between the work of our staff members and partners and the public. We offer an open platform for our researchers, volunteers and colleagues who are active in the fields of human rights and peacebuilding to talk about their work and to share experiences. With this, we want to mainstream lessons on methods to stand up for human rights, youth engagement and civil space protection. Our aim is to make more people understand the value of human rights in a world filled with forces that abuse and ignore them.

Listen to the sounds of lawyers, human rights defenders and their rights, their dreams and their plans for tomorrow! Tag: Justice corner podcast

We would love to welcome you and your story on the Justice Corner podcast. We are always accepting new stories to feature on our podcast. If you would like to join this series and submit your story, please click here