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What we do?!

We work to promote human rights and build sustainable peace through the following:

Capacity Building

We provide unique capacity building programs for lawyers, legal researchers, academics and students that help them understand and use the human rights, justice and peacebuilding systems in their work.

Advocacy and Protection

We provide a wide range of consulting services covering various aspects related to regulation and the work of civil society organizations in Egypt.


We work with a wide network of local, regional and international organizations to maximize the impact of our work on promoting respect and the rule of law and human rights.


What do we work on?

Working for inclusive peaceful societies in which all enjoy effective access to justice.

Youth-lead organization

Youth-led institutions play an important and essential role in defending human rights and building peace, but on the other hand they face many challenges, the most important of which are legal obstacles. Hence the role of Justice Call, we provide full legal support to youth-led organizations.

SDG16+ localization

Justice Call works to promote human rights and the rule of law through localization of SDG16+ This is done by enabling young people and the organizations led by young people to drive sustainable change towards a peaceful, effective society. We do this by working on the empowerment of their organization.

Youth peace and Security

Justice Call worked on UN security council resolutions that are important to young people, such as Resolution 2250 and Resolution 2149, in addition to the new resolution 2535, which we believe is the most important of those resolutions, where it has given appropriate focus to the issue of protecting young people and peacemakers!

Educating for rule of law and Justice

we launched the Peace and justice education program which is our principal engagement activity for young people. It builds awareness among the Egyptian youth about justice and peace and enables them to implement various initiatives and interventions on their own in order to spread and defend the values of justice and peace.


Our Main Programs

We believe in partnerships and collective action to enhance the work of civil society organizations.

The School of Justice

In 2019 Justice Call launched “the School of Justice program”, which aims to build the capacities of young lawyers in the MENA region and enable them to practice their work safely. This happens through training and workshops that acquaint them with the rights and duties inherent to lawyers based on the local constitutions, law, and international standards.

Moreover, the School of Justice aims to familiarize these lawyers with international human rights and train them to deploy the associated instruments. The School of Justice provides the attendees with the technical and digital knowledge necessary to perform their work efficiently and safely in the digital sphere, which includes an introduction to basic and best practices of digital safety and safe communication, and the associated tools.

The Women’s Regional Network on Prevention (WRNP)

The Women’s Regional network on Prevention (WRNP) is a thematic network of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) with the objective of advancing women’s role in raising awareness and building capacity in the prevention of atrocity crimes, including advancing awareness on the gendered aspects of atrocity crimes. The Regional Network on Prevention was co-launched by Justice Call and the UN office for Genocide Prevention and Responsibility (UN OSAPG), with support of the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC). WRNP aims to promote meaningful women’s participation in shaping policies and practices related to women, peace, and security, and the prevention of atrocity crimes in the MENA region. We do this by sharing knowledge, experiences and best practices, and highlighting and tackling issues and risks faced by activists working on the ground.

The MENA Coalition for Youth, Peace and security (MCYPS)

Justice Call believes that the only way to prevent conflicts and build peace is by respecting human rights and universally recognized fundamental freedoms, especially the right to peaceful assembly, freedom of opinion and expression, freedom of press and organization. We also contend that most of the conflicts in the Arab region are caused by corruption, dictatorship and the absence of justice.

Because this can only be achieved through collective action, Justice call co-launched the MENA coalition for Youth Peace and Security (MCYPS) to act as a youth platform that promotes the role of youth in achieving development, peace and stability in the MENA region, through collective efforts that is based on the principles of solidarity, justice, inclusion, diversity and human rights.


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