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Justice Call

Justice Call is an independent regional organization led by young people, established in 2018. Justice Call works to promote human rights and the rule of law by enabling young people and the organizations led by young people to drive sustainable change towards a peaceful, democratic and just society.

Our Theory of Change.

We believe that the rule of law and respect for human rights are the only way to reach free democratic societies in which everyone has human dignity on an equal basis with others. This will ultimately ensure the elimination of all forms of violence, discrimination, racism and on the other hand, contribute to a positive and sustainable peace. We believe that the road to these goals requires the concerted collective efforts of initiatives, movements and related entities to work extensively and jointly to spread and establish respect for human rights, the values of justice and the rule of

So our Theory of Change is: If we develop and strengthen the capabilities of young people and organizations led by young people to bring about change through capacity building, networking and legal protection programs, it will enhance the ability of these groups to survive as well as their impact on decision makers and governments. In particular, the youth will be less likely to resort to violent extremism as they will be able to express their voices and opinions in order to bring the change that they seek in a peaceful manner.

About our staff members

The organization’s staff includes 6 people, in addition to 15 male and female volunteers expanding over a number of governorates in Egypt. Women represent approximately 40% of the organization’s employees and 80% of the organization’s volunteers, while they constitute 50% of leadership positions. The ages of the workforce ranges between 20-30 years old, the social and academic backgrounds of the workforce vary, including graduates from the faculties of law, politics, economics, media and journalism and social sciences, as well as some other specializations.

Total number of employees & volunteers Full-time Part-time
21 2 4
Total number of employees Men Women
6 3 3

Get to know our team

Justice Call Team Expertise.

Khaled Emam

Lawyer and Executive Director of Justice Call


The Executive Director of Justice Call. He is active as a Human Rights lawyer, for Rights and Development, A Co-Chair of The United Nations Inter-Agency Network on Youth Development (UN IANYD) and Youth, Peace & Security at Global Partnership For the Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC).
Mahmoud Abdelzaher

Human Rights Researcher and the training coordinator of Justice Call


A human rights researcher and trainer. He has previously worked on raising awareness for marginalized groups concerning their rights and participated in a number of campaigns targeting human rights advancements in Egypt. He worked as a program designer for young human rights defender capacity building, and produced reports that cover main human rights affairs such as: freedom of expression, equality and combating discrimination, torture combat, gender based violence.
Parham Kouloubandi

Researcher and the international relations coordinator of Justice Call


Parham Kouloubandi is a conflicts and diplomacy specialist in the West Asian region. His thematic focus also includes the intersection between peace, sustainable development and innovative technology. Before joining Justice Call, he interned for the German Foreign Ministry and the United Nations. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Middle Eastern Studies from the LMU Munich.
Jana Matta

International Relations Assistance


Jana Matta is a human rights and social justice advocate from the United Kingdom. She has an academic grounding in International Law which includes a masters in Human Rights and Justice. Jana has recently worked for a local NGO in Spain focusing on social and educational programmes aimed at supporting youth and women and strengthening their capacity to be self-sufficient. Jana has also worked in Cairo on local peace-building projects.
Mayar Elgendi

Communication Officer


The communication officer at Justice Call focusing on the promotion of widespread support of human rights and justice locally, and globally. Her work consists of creating and writing educational programs for justice call.She uses her creative content writing skills to promote and represent the organization.
Bella Elazhary

Researcher and the volunteer coordinator of Justice Call


Bella Elazhary is a lawyer and volunteer coordinator at Justice Call. She is active in civil society organizations and previously was an intern coordinator at the Arab Program for Human Rights Activists (APHRA).
Mohamed Ebaid

Trainer and Legal advisor

Researcher, lecturer and legal analyst Former Executive Director of the Eastern Laws Foundation for the Development of Legal Practitioner EIDLP He works with a number of civil society organizations in the field of research, legal analysis and constitutional criticism of the legislation and has previously held a number of training workshops on analysis and legal research for lawyers, journalists, researchers and students in partnership with the American University in Cairo and a number of Egyptian civil society organizations.
Islam Mohammed

Digital Security officer

Islam has been a digital security policy officer for years in some Egyptian civil society organizations and has also participated in a number of training programs to raise awareness of sound practices for safe use of the Internet.
Enjy Ahmed

Volunteers coordinator

Enjy studded sociology at Helwan University, worked with many civil society organizations Starting with Justice Call since its inception in 2018, Angie is helping coordinate the volunteer programs and systemd inside the organization.
Christie Wensink

Network and Advocacy Officer

Christie Wensink shares Justice Call’s deep belief in human rights and youth-participation. After completing a bachelor’s degree in International Relations, she is now focusing her attention on the Middle Eastern region in her master’s degree. Socially committed, she is a schoolwork coach in her city in the Netherlands, and had a weekend job at a home for demented elderly before she took off for a minor in France. As an intern at Justice Call, she assists the organization in the management of its networking-building, advocacy and outreach activities. Moreover, she conducts research on the Youth, Peace and Security Agenda and the principle of RtoP.
Amira Elmasry

Network & Gender Officer

Amira El Masry is a women's rights advocate. She utilized her passion for art to support women and girls in Egypt. Amira aims to promote a culture of dialogue, the value of acceptance of others, and peaceful coexistence through her work with Civil Society Organizations. At Justice Call, Amira supports the Women's Regional Network on Prevention (WRNP), alongside her research on YPS and RtoP in the MENA region.
Haneen Abusalah

Network and Project Management on Youth Development

Haneen is a current Master’s student in Management of Development Projects at the University of Montpellier. Having three years of experience working within NGOs in Jordan, she specialises on Youth Development work in Jordan, including education and capacity building of young people. Haneen recently joined the Major Group for Children and Youth as an intern and will be supporting Justice Call within the UN IANYD Youth Caucus and the Major Group for Children and Youth ( MGCY).
Noumaan Anwer

Research Coordinator

Noumaan Anwer is a debater, journalist, writer, and researcher. Noumaan has extensive platform debating experience and has held several positions that have tested his organizational and leadership acumen. Noumaan is leading the research program at Justice Call, in which he is focused on Democracy, Human Rights and Conflict. He hopes to use his research to contribute towards the qualitative improvement of grassroots democracy in the MENA region by working on the widespread dissemination of political education through new, interactive methods. He also wishes to work in campaign strategy management, in a bid to ensure appeals for electoral support strengthening, instead of causing the unraveling of democratic systems.

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