Whether it’s giving your time to volunteer with us, partnering with us, or just your commitment to learning more about justice and the rule of law: Justice Call has many ways for you to help build a better future in which all enjoy a peaceful society with effective access to justice.

Partner with us

We believe in partnerships and collective action to enhance the work of civil society organizations. If you are a youth-led organization, educational institution, newspaper, or media channel that is looking to promote human rights and build just and peaceful societies in the MENA region: we want to partner with you!

Work with us

Our impact would not have been possible without the support of dozens of volunteers, interns and team members who joined us from countries all over the world to help realize our vision of peaceful and just societies. You can now get involved in several ways, through one of the following options:


Learn with us

Justice Call provides unique capacity-building programs for youth-led organizations, lawyers, legal researchers, academics and students, that help them understand and use the systems of human rights, justice, and peacebuilding in their work. This includes improving their organizational capabilities to advocate for human rights issues.


Take action

Working together as NGOs is key to promote human rights and build peace in a world of authoritarian excess, in which human rights abuses are the rule, rather than the exception. A strategic partnership for NGOs can also increase your organization’s resilience, credibility, and impact. If you are a youth-led organization or a women-led organization: take action now by joining one of our networks!


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